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Why churches need better searches


What has worked for corporations for nearly 40 years is now being adopted by many church and para-church organizations. Similar to the growth of professional church consultants, fundraising consultants, and other outsourced services, what was once an innovation and solution for businesses, is now becoming the same for churches.

But change comes slowly, and not without many thoughtful questions. We have researched with church members, deacons, elders, pastors, and leaders to create a list of the most common myths surrounding the search process.

This resource discusses the following myths:

  1. We can't afford to hire a search firm
  2. Our church is big enough to survive a long transition
  3. We have enough staff members to conduct the search ourselves
  4. We have access to the same candidates you do
  5. Hiring a search firm is poor stewardship
  6. Hiring a search firm will add more time to the process
  7. We're a church, not a company

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