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The Secret Weapon Every Great Leader Uses


Asking questions may be one of the least talked about secret weapons of a great leader. In fact, I believe it may be one of the most undeveloped skills in leadership.

Many businesses and nearly all churches are filled with leaders who are professional communicators. That is, they are paid to talk. They spend a good portion of their time figuring out what they are going to say and how they are going to say it, and then delivering the message.

They don’t get hired to ask people questions. They get hired to tell people what they think or believe about a certain topic or prod­uct. Pastors are the worst offenders—they are so used to everyone wanting to hear what they have to say that they have a difficult time listening to (or caring about) what others have to say.

A person who asks questions:
• assumes there is something she can learn
• exudes humility
• infuses confidence in people around him

A person who doesn’t ask questions:
• assumes she already knows all the facts
• exudes a cocky attitude
• risks looking like a fool

Which leader are you? Read on...

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