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If you’re reading this, your church is likely looking for – or preparing to look for – your next Senior Pastor. It’s an exciting, scary, stressful, tiring, and holy time. Once you’ve identified your search team, you must all together decide exactly what kind of candidate you are seeking. You need to uncover and articulate what kind of pastor will best fit your church and serve your congregation.

One very effective way to find this out is to take the pulse of the church through a congregational survey. A congregational survey can bring in useful information about the congregation’s needs, their demographics, and what they want in their next leader. 

The information you gather will shed light on what kind of leader your church feels that they need. It will guide you throughout your Pastor search process and give you the material you need to write a Pastor profile and an accurate job description.

In this download, you will get:

  • A mix of questions targeted at demographic information, spiritual information, and impression of the church
  • Encouragements for you and your church as you go through the pastor search process

Download the article here

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