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8 Ways To Spot Emotionally Elite Candidates


If you have ever led a team, you know that an emotionally healthy candidate is worth their weight in gold. We've seen super talented team members who are emotionally out of balance and thus a detriment to the team.

So how do you identify emotionally elite candidates when interviewing them?

Emotionally healthy people relate well to others. They can deal with stress, tension, and failures with grace. They are low on the “drama meter.” They are at peace with the past, undaunted by the present, and optimistic about the future. They are less preoccupied with their own problems and more open and free to be used by God. In short, emotionally healthy people are able to effect significant change for the Kingdom. 

As you interview candidates for your church staff, I’d challenge you to look first at these 8 signs of an emotional healthly candidate. Read this article to help you hire the best candidates for your team.

This article includes:

  • 8 questions for church leaders to ask when vetting candidates
  • Topics to discuss with the candidate to determine their emotional health
  • Biblical encouragement for church leaders
  • ....and more!

Download the article here

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